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William English Middlie Line ABOUT WILLIAM ENGLISH

Bill English graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 1991 and has been practicing as a sole proprietor in Anchorage ever since. Before getting his law degree, he was a Certified Public Accountant for several accounting firms based in Anchorage, San Francisco, and the Middle East.



I am a family law attorney who consults regularly with Bill English on complex business and divorce issues that intersect with bankruptcy and tax law. Mr. English has a sharp intelligence, hardheadness, and an intuitive grasp of the practical which enables him to offer productive legal strategies to his clients. All the clients I have referred to him are very satisfied with the outcomes of their bankruptcy cases. He communicates with them about complex issues in simple terms so that they understand and become truly engaged in the process. Mr. English zealously advocates in court and counsels his clients. He is a true professional.


I am a fellow lawyer who works with Bill English. I have watched him perform in and out of the courtroom. I can say without hesitation that he is better than 90% of the lawyers I have seen over the many years I have been a lawyer. I would highly recommend him to a client. The feedback from clients I have referred to him have always been very positive. 


Mr. English is knowledgeable, hard working and of good moral compass. I would recommend him to friends and family for his personal counsel and for business. Mr. English has great focus and patience for the long term.