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The Law Offices of William EnglishThe Law Offices of William English
The Law Offices of William EnglishThe Law Offices of William English
The Law Offices of William EnglishThe Law Offices of William English


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United States income taxation of U.S. citizens, U.S. residents, Green Card holders, overseas living Americans, and foreigners with U.S. sourced income affects almost all areas of their complex economic and family life, as well as planning for wealth transfers to future generations through estate planning.

Specifically, tax law finds its way into advising clients on complying with the complexities of the United States tax laws. Besides complying with US tax law, the importance of paying the minimum legal amount of tax is important for funding retirement plans and, for business owners, maximizing the valuation of the business. Increasing cash flow through tax deductions and planning with the principle of compounding and wise investments can make a huge difference in the amount of retirement funds later in life. US tax law does have an impact on immigration matters, divorce law, and bankruptcy law. Federal and state criminal laws that involve money that is somehow illegally obtained can have tax consequences. Such complexities are made a little easier by having an attorney with an accounting background and plenty of experience in filing tax returns and successfully dealing with the Internal Revenue Service in a number of tax controversies. If necessary, filing a petition in US Tax Court.

In the past 27 years of practicing either accounting, law, or both disciplines, William English has handled a broad range of tax related issues including unfiled tax returns of overseas living Americans, tax levies, offers in compromise, and has dealt with both IRS collections personnel and revenue officers. Clients have included Green Card holders, overseas living Americans, and even a foreign law firm seeking a US lawyer well versed in US tax law and regulations. Tax returns based on tax treaties have been researched and filed.

William English can handle tax law cases anywhere in the world as long there some connection to US tax law.